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Date: Sunday, Jan. 12

Time: 4–5:30 p.m.

Place: Flow Lab PDX

Cost: $20

The New Year is a wonderful time to dream and set your intentions. In this class, I will guide you through meditations for grounding, clearing, and aligning your field so you are able to receive more easily and allow your dreams to manifest.

We often think we need to "push" to achieve our "goals," but manifestation is mostly about being clear enough to allow and receive inspiration from the Divine. It then becomes effortless and fun. It does take a lot of practice to be in this state of allowing. This workshop will open you to the possibility of effortless manifestation, and you will get a taste of what it is like to feel grounded, clear, and connected. We'll use essential oils and do some hands-on self-healing. You'll leave feeling great.

For those who can’t make it in person, please email for a Zoom videoconference link. All participants will receive an audio recording of the healing.


Tuan Anh Nguyen is an energy healer with 15 years of experience. She received her training from Healing Touch and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She was born with the gifts of a healer: exquisite sensitivity, intuition, and the ability to act as a powerful channel. She uses her gifts, along with time-tested techniques, in a heart-centered and intentional way to affect positive change in the human energy field.

Cost: $20 

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