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"NOW Is Our Time Together"

Once, when I was sitting in meditation, a beautiful golden orb of light gradually traveled closer to me. The light felt gentle yet bright and intense. It was my maternal grandmother. She said, "I wish we had more time together." My spirit embraced hers and we felt a joyful reunion. Tears flowed down my face. She then said, "NOW is our time together."

When I left Vietnam at age 5, I also left this grandmother behind. I don't remember her at all, and was not able to see her after coming to the States. She had died when I was in my teens. Now, after our reunion in spirit, I am very connected to her.

Her spirit has a human side to her—I feel her memories of me as she changed my diapers and fed me as baby. I also sense her deep love for me and desire to offer love and guidance as I am on this earthly plane. We "talk" every so often. Sometimes I get very specific advice, but most of the time I feel the vast, steadfast pulsation of her love and support for me.

You too have a vast network of support available to you in the spirit world. The guides and angels are always loving you and supporting you. To invite them in even more, you must first ask. Because we have free will, they need to know you really want their help. Then, they'll bend over backwards to get your attention!

When I first started connecting to the spirit world, I would get messages from license plates. They were always so fun to see and exactly what I needed in the moment, like LUV YOU. (I made that up, but you catch my drift.)

As I continued to heal and strengthen my chakras, my intuition opened up strongly. Now I see, hear, know, and feel beings in the spirit world. These aspects of intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience are available to some degree already in all of us and are a direct function of your chakras. For example, in order to "see" the guides, your sixth chakra must be functioning well to give you clairvoyance. To develop these aspects of intuition fully, we need to heal the chakras, which means healing the issues directly related to them. I will talk about the "Clairs" in my next blog.

The fastest way to connection with your helpers is through meditation. I love to place Frankincense on my crown chakra to connect to divinity. Once the monkey mind calms down, your vibration will rise. You will then be more open to the higher frequencies. Ask specifically for what you you need throughout the day. Maybe you need to have a smooth ride to work—ask that your car be surrounded on all four corners by the angels and guidance for the best route. It can also be as simple as, "Inspire me to come up with something delicious and easy for dinner!"

Listed below are the types of helpers available to you. There are many more, but these are the ones I have experienced.

Ancestors. Those who have passed onto the other side are very close to you and have a vested interest in seeing you flourish. They are a part of your soul group. Call them in by lighting a candle on your altar.

Angels. These grand beings of light are available 24/7. It is their JOB to help you and they love to do it! They have never been in human form and yet are able to incarnate to help you in a pinch. I see angels as tall towers of light in a room. The archangels like Michael and Gabriel have very specific energy. Michael is protective and strong. Gabriel is soothing and is always infusing me with healing light colors. The ministry of angels will help with the smallest of things, like finding a parking spot or that favorite pen you've misplaced.

Guides. There are several types of guides. They have once been human and have evolved to higher levels. We each have a primary guide that helps us through this lifetime. I have a guide name Gamech. He helps me in particular during healings, coming in to do the work, and teaching me techniques. I see him walking around with a book in his hands, as if contemplating this stage of life I am in and making sure I am learning the lessons I need to.

There are guides who come in during the healings to help with a specific task—like spiritual surgical repair of an organ after a physical surgery. Sometimes you might need help with grief, and they come and love upon you and give you messages.

There are guides who come through to offer downloads of energy to help you heal. This is quite amazing—you can open your channels and literally receive healing frequencies from above. I have been meditating with essential oils and realize because they hold their frequencies so well, they naturally call in the helpers your body needs. They are potent allies in our transformation and serve as portals to the higher frequencies.

Ascended Masters. I know of songwriter who works with Prince. I hear that his energy is quick—you have to focus and get it done because he doesn't wait around too long.

You too can connect with the greatest masters, like Jesus, to help you. You will feel their vibration palpably. It would be hard not to recognize Jesus, or Mozart, if they visit you. Recently my teacher Barbara Brennan came through and talked about different healing techniques with me. She is still alive, and I definitely consider her a master. It was a real treat learning "long distance" from her!

Remember that you are not alone. You don't have to do it all by yourself. In fact, relying on Spirit in your life will offer you flow and love beyond words. Ask, ask, ask! Remember, your purpose is JOY!

As I sign off, I see the guides behind my shoulders, cheering me on: "Good job! You did it, you got this message out into the world." I'm delighted to share it with you and I can't wait to hear what miracles, little or big await you. Let me know of your synchronicities! If you need a healing, whether in person or long distance, you can book a session here.

Sending love and blessings to you all,

Tuan Anh


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