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I received my first healing in 2000. I had broken up with a long-term boyfriend, and was having a difficult time coming to terms with it. Susan, my healer, placed her hands on my chakras and worked in my field. I drifted off during the hour-long session, and when I came back, I felt completely peaceful, whole, and joyful. It felt like coming home.


Susan said I had a tear in my third chakra, which is related to one’s sense of identity and personal power. She repaired the tear, and that was the beginning of my journey as a healer. Shortly thereafter, I read (no, devoured) 

Barbara Brennan’s book, Hands of Light. I took a Healing Touch workshop and my whole being lighted up—I had connected deeply to something that had been waiting for me all along. I remember in those early days of learning, I would go to a party and measure people’s chakras with my pendulum and practice the healing techniques I learned. It was so much fun, and I had many willing volunteers.


More windows opened up as I continued receiving healings and learning through Healing Touch Program and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. During one particular meditation at a workshop, I sat and reflected on an angel card that said “Expectancy.” I had been married for about a year. For many years, I had wanted to be a mother, but it didn’t feel like it was the right time yet. My husband just started nursing school and we didn’t feel settled. I was griping to the spirits about this. With my eyes closed, I saw a maroon orb of light. It said, “Mother, my name is Hiathan. H-I-A-T-H-A-N. I’m going to be a boy, and I will come when it’s the perfect time for you.” Lo and behold, I was pregnant six months later and had a beautiful baby boy whom I named Hiathan. Later I learned from his spirit that Hiathan means “Bearer of Light.”


I have had so many experiences of loving connection with the spirit world. I can assure you that we have guides helping us constantly from the other side. At whatever point we are in our dis-ease or struggle, the healing is always available to us. We just need to remove the blocks or repair what is broken in the field.


I bring to my energy healing practice a unique sensitivity, intuition, and background. My family escaped from Vietnam by boat in 1979. A Methodist church in Massachusetts sponsored our family, and that’s where I virtually grew up. I sang in the choir and went to Sunday school. I was also deeply influenced by my Buddhist grandparents, who practiced meditation. A vipassana meditation practice helps ground me today. I’ve had a stellar education from Choate Rosemary Hall and Williams College. I hold a BA in the Classics (Latin and Greek), and a Masters of Art in Teaching from Pacific University. I am also a trained Hatha yoga teacher, having received my training from the Nityananda Institute in Portland in 2004. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my gifts.


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