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Oh my goodness, the work Tuan Anh and I have done together has been incredible. Incredible! Such peace and healing, inside and out. I’ve recommended Tuan Anh to several friends, and they feel the same powerful impact of their sessions on their own lives.


A friend told me about Tuan Anh about a year and a half ago. I visit Portland at least twice a year, but I live in the Deep South. I was in distress the first time I saw her. She really straightened me out, energetically. It felt like she saved my life. I saw her several more times in person, and then we shifted to video call energy healing. It has been just as powerful, and I am grateful we can do the work together from a distance. 


Life has gotten more interesting, delightful and peaceful. I highly recommend exploring healing energetically with Tuan Anh, whether you do so in person or over a web connection. I’m so grateful for the work you do. Thank you, Tuan Anh.

—Judith T.

I invited Tuan Anh a few years ago, to help my father who was in the hospital with a serious condition. Her quiet, sensitive nature was so calming to both my father and me. She was like a warm blanket in a terribly cold, painful time. I later asked her to come work with me when my neck was hurting and she helped me in such a gentle way to release pain in my body and pain being held in my energy field. It helped pain break loose on the physical and emotional level. She is one of the kindest and most peaceful people I have ever met. I have worked with countless therapists and she is one of the very special ones. I would recommend her to the people I care for the most because of her skill and intuition.

—Jennifer H.

I first consulted with Tuan Anh because of an interest in energy field healing, for support before and after an anticipated surgery. Her holistic health methods, her extraordinary perception, and her empathy all helped to improve my health. She has increased my understanding of emotional blocks that may be contributing to ill health. While working with Tuan Anh, I have learned much about the connections of mind, body, and spirit to the human energy field. I have received comfort, reassurance and practical help in addition to health improvements. I highly recommend Tuan Anh as a healer and energy worker. 

—Mary Beth J., MD

I received a healing and felt completely grounded afterwards. My sense of well-being after the healing allowed me to truly rest and I became more attuned to my physical and emotional needs. I am very grateful to have found this practice.

—Vicki E.

Have you ever met someone and you could feel her healing energy without any physical contact? This is what I felt the first time I met Tuan Anh, so I was not surprised to learn that she is an energy healer. At the time she helped me, I was having issues with mental overload and I was looking for an alternative treatment. On the first visit, she explained in detail her process and even had pictures to demonstrate so I felt very good about what was going to happen in the session. During the sessions I was calm and relaxed while Tuan Anh worked on clearing my energy fields. Instead of discomfort, I felt the heaviness in my body and mind release with each treatment and the results lasted in between sessions as well. Plus Tuan Anh gave me some homework to facilitate her treatments, which helped even more. I highly recommend Tuan Anh as a healer. I believe that she can help you with any problem you may have, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

—Beth B.

I am a 70-year-old woman. I had my first energy healing session with Tuan Anh in the spring of 2014 to address severe back and knee pain. Since then, I have seen her for a variety of conditions. Some conditions were remedied with 1 or 2 sessions and others 3 or 4 sessions. Tuan Anh not only is able to remedy the condition for which I am seeking relief but also has addressed other conditions which become apparent during the healing session.


At the end of a session with Tuan Anh I feel as relaxed and rested as if I had just received an hour of Swedish massage. What is more, I feel balanced or centered and at peace.


One of the conditions for which I am most grateful for the relief provided by sessions with Tuan Anh is a condition of chronic facial pain. This was a condition for which I had been treated during the past 25 years by numerous medical professionals (neurosurgeons, ENTs, endodontists, acupuncturists, pain clinics, etc.). The only remedy I was not willing to try was having my nerves severed as there was no guarantee of success. The only intervention which was helpful was a medication called Neurotin, however, I did not wish to be on medication for the rest of my life. Sessions with Tuan Anh has been extremely helpful for this condition.


I cannot put into words exactly how this works, all I know is that the energy healings I have received from Tuan Anh have been a godsend to me and I bless the day our paths crossed.

—Janie J.

I found Tuan Anh to be very kind, caring and professional. She listened to what I had to say. The energy work she did was very helpful and beneficial to my needs. She also discovered and treated some blockages in my energy system that I likely have had for years. I would highly recommend her.

—Deborah D.

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