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How often should I see you?

For most people, a good interval is every two weeks. For acute problems, it’s good to come more frequently. For surgery, energy healing helps prepare the patient beforehand and is tremendously helpful afterwards. I usually recommend a course of treatments based on your symptoms. If you would like to come on a regular basis, there are session packages that provide discounts. Please refer to pricing


Can you see my field?

Often I see parts of the field—usually colors around the shoulders and head. Sparks or blobs of light in the aura can whiz before my eyes. I feel blocks and other disruptions with my hands, and often I “hear” information. I also receive information through internal knowing. 


What can I expect to feel after a healing?

Some people feel “blissed out,” while others don’t feel anything. There is a wide spectrum of responses. Most people feel deeply relaxed, more grounded, and find improvement from their condition.


Is energy healing like Reiki?

It is similar to Reiki in that I channel energy your body needs from the universal field, but it is different in that I draw from a repertoire of very specific techniques to achieve certain outcomes. For example, if you have an open wound, I will seal it with a technique called “ultrasound,” use “pain drain,” to release pain, and then “hands still,” and “hands-in-motion” to flood the area with energy and unruffle the field. These techniques mentioned here are from Healing Touch. Other techniques I have learned from different teachers like Barbara Brennan, and some I have created.


What are some things I can do to keep my field clear?

Sleep, exercise, and eating well are the top three things you can do for yourself. Avoid alcohol and drugs because they lower your vibration and create mucus in the field. Taking a warm bath with one pound of sea salt and one pound of baking soda for 20 minutes will really help. Add some essential oil drops like lavender if you prefer. You might feel tired after this bath, as it is a strong remedy. Allow yourself some time to take it easy afterwards. I can teach you how to do a self-chakra connection. It’s wonderful for connecting,

opening, and balancing your field, and is particularly helpful for insomnia.


Don’t you get tired after a healing?

Once in a while I do, and it reminds me that I need to ground myself and do more self-care. Usually, however, I feel invigorated because the energies coming through me are so powerful. I don’t give you my energy during a healing; rather, I channel the frequencies your field needs from the universal field. There are chakras in the palms of our hands that transmit the energy. One of the great things about being a healer is I have to make my well-being a priority so I can do my work! I enjoy yoga, swimming, and lots of holistic treatments like massage.


What do I need to know about parking?

The Pearl District has many thriving businesses, and bustles with energy. It can be very busy. Please leave adequate time to find street parking. I recommend you find parking for 2.0 hours for your sessions. This will leave you some time to walk around and ground yourself before you drive. After a healing, you are in a state of peace and your consciousness needs time to adjust to being back in the physical realm. If you’re like me, and tend to take things slowly, allow yourself even more time.


Do you work anywhere else other that Yoga Pearl?

I work at Yoga Pearl on Saturdays only. On other days, I have some openings at my home office, which is in the Royal Woodlands neighborhood in Beaverton. If you are too ill to come to my office, or prefer I come to your home, I may be able to do an outcall depending on my schedule and your location.

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