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Energy Healing—In Person ($100—90 minutes)

During a healing session, on a foundational level, I strive to clear blockages and fine-tune your aura through the laying-on-of-hands and techniques in the subtle fields around the body. We address the issues that are most important to you, and I invite your spirit guides and guardian angels to assist in the healing. Treatments are gentle and non-invasive.


Energy Healing—Distance ($100—90 minutes)

A distance healing session is held via Zoom. It is very similar to an in-person session; however, I connect to your energetic body and perform the healing as if you were right in front of me! How is this possible? Quantum physics shows that we are all connected and distance can be transcended instantly. The results are the same as they would be for an in-person session—whether it's peace, relaxation, or deep transformation. Clients often request a recording of the healing since much information is exchanged. 


Headache Clearing/Mental Refresher—In Person ($30—30 minutes)

This session is for those who wish for a short, refreshing treatment to clear their minds. It is particularly helpful for stress headaches, or preparing for an event during which you need to be mentally at your sharpest. 

Outcalls ($125—90 minutes) 

It is possible for me to do outcalls for those who are too ill to make it to my office, or simply prefer I come to their home. Let me know if this is your preference by contacting me directly. 

Consultations—By Phone (Free—15 minutes)

Are you curious about energy healing, but don't quite understand how it works, or how it can help you? I am happy to answer any questions you have to see if energy healing is a good fit for you. 

Sliding Scale

If you are in need of energy healing, and yet your financial circumstances make it difficult for you to afford this care, please speak to me. We can discuss a sliding scale. 

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