Establish Your Nourishing Foundation through Grounding

Sunday, October 24, 2021
10–11:30 a.m. PDT
via Zoom
Cost: $25


Have you ever wanted to be more grounded, but didn’t know what to do in your energetic body to get there?


In this class, you will get to know your “grounding cord” and learn a technique you can practice daily to help you receive the nourishing and stabilizing energies of Mother Earth. We will explore what grounding is and why it is important to your health.


This class is particularly helpful for those who experience anxiety, headaches, and daily feelings of overwhelm. We will also look at why it is essential for empaths to ground and how grounding naturally opens your intuition. You will also be guided in a meditation to release wounds from the root chakra, which governs finances, physical health, community, and a sense of safety.


I will also ask the spirit guides and angels to come in and offer their healing and words of wisdom. If you have Vetiver and Black Spruce essential oils, please have them handy. They are not necessary for the class; I will teach you how to use these beautiful oils in your daily life to help you ground.