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See the Human Aura in This Video

Ever wonder what the human aura looks like? You can see it in this video by Dr. Valerie Hunt. Dr. Hunt was a Professor Emeritus at UCLA in the department of Physiological Sciences. She was the first to measure the human energy field in the laboratory by using high-frequency electronic instruments. She was able to receord the field on audio and video tapes.

I love this video because it validates the existence of the field through our eyes. What you see in the video is what some people can see naturally, and others can sometimes partially glimpse. Do you ever see flashes of color around an person, and then they disappear? That's their aura! Some people can feel the aura with their hands. (That's receiving information kinesthetically.) Some people can hear it. (That's receiving information aurally.) Some people perceive the field with their third eye, and it can look very

different from what you see in this video. Barbara Brennan has extraordinary third eye vision and could see inside the body. Her book, Hands of Light, is one of my absolute favorites.

The best way to see the field is to relax your eyes, and pretend you are looking through a person. Your focus softens, and your peripheral vision picks up the field around them. Your can see your auric fingers fairly easily in a dimly-lit room by placing the fingertips together, palms facing you, and then slowly pulling your fingers apart. You'll see bands of light melded together between your fingers, and they will slowly separate as you pull your fingers apart.

This video is a great reminder: we are indeed beings of light. Light is energy, consciousness, and frequency. Imagine the possibilities for yourself if you could change your frequency. Meditation is the best way I know to release resistance and raise your vibration. Yoga is excellent too for this. And of course, an energy healing gets rid of all the cob webs in the field so you can RADIATE your natural vibration!

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