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How Energy Healing Can Help You Cope with Pandemic Fatigue

Every Tuesday, I go grocery shopping. On Mondays, the day before, I clean the refrigerator so I can unload those groceries easily. I love routines—they offer predictability and structure. On this most recent Tuesday, after parking my car in the grocery store's lot, I realized I had forgotten my mask. After a glorious Sunday hike along the Columbia River Gorge among those purple wildflowers called grass widows, it had lain in my backpack still.

Normally such a small detail would not bother me. However, a weight dropped on my chest. I felt weary. I sat there momentarily paralyzed. There have been so many times since COVID started when a small thing would put me on edge. I am sure you have felt the same frustration.

We create habits so we can coast on them, right? But these days, nothing is simple. I had forgotten to go through my mental checklist of mask and hand sanitizer before leaving for the store.

Perhaps you have been there many times: ready to shake someone's hand upon meeting them, but decide it's better not to; wanting to hop on a plane to visit a relative but refrain from making plans until it feels safer. It is exhausting to reel ourselves constantly back in when we want to expand.

Sitting in the car, I willed myself to find a solution to my mask dilemma. I took a deep breath, looked around the car, and to my relief, found my maroon paisley wool scarf.

You have probably hit the wall of pandemic fatigue several times. Perhaps you were able to find ways to cope and carry on, or you are still struggling daily.

In marathons, runners can hit a "wall." It occurs somewhere around the 20-mile mark and it is the point when a runner's glycogen (stored energy) within the muscles is depleted. This forces the runner to slow down considerably, sometimes to a walk. It's actually a strategy among runners to take walk breaks during a marathon to prevent hitting the wall.

I asked my sister, an ultra-marathon runner, how she copes when she feels like she has no reserves left during a run. She said she has gotten good at making "automatic recommitments" to pulling herself back together. During her most recent race, the grueling 60K Standhope Challenge through the rugged Pioneer Mountains of Idaho, she encountered elevation sickness. At some points, she was running at 11,000 feet. She said focusing on the simplest things—breathing, having a snack, and taking a drink of water helped the most.

These automatic recommitments to ourselves can build resilience during difficult times. Self-care is not a luxury, but a priority! It will give you reserves you can call upon when things get tough.

Chronic stress puts us in a state of constant fight-or-flight. Having cortisol flood our system for a prolonged period of time suppresses the immune system. We are not made to endure chronic stress. There is a superhero in all of us prepared to lift the truck that falls on a child or fight the bear chasing us. But how do we cope when the bear is staring at us all the time?

Energy healing is a terrific way to calm an over-excited nervous system. During an energy healing session, a person's brain waves will go into a theta state. Theta brainwaves are also found during deep relaxation, dreaming, meditation, and hypnosis. Their benefits are numerous:

  • The body and mind experience enhanced rejuvenation, growth, and healing. Theta brainwaves facilitate deep relaxation and the body and mind are easily able to restore themselves during and after illness, as well as after mental burnout and physical exertion.

  • Boosted immune system. Theta brainwaves activate the release of pleasant chemicals and neurotransmitters to help keep your immune system at its peak. Constant cortisol flooding your system depletes your immune system.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels.

  • Your intuition will increase as well as your ability to identify “gut” feelings. By 'seeing' and 'hearing' beyond the physical, your perception of reality expands.

  • The peaceful and blissful state associated with theta brainwaves acts as a bridge between the physical body and the spiritual realms. People sense a deep spiritual connection and profound insight.

If you need some help with pandemic fatigue, I invite you to make an energy healing appointment, whether in-person or long distance. I'll be offering a timely tune-up this month on March 24. In it, I will teach you a technique to boost your immune system so you feel more confident going out. Also, we'll partner with our essential oil ally of Black Spruce to help us find deep sustenance to help us make it through this marathon in fine form. Learn more here.

Many blessings,

Tuan Anh


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