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What are Energetic Cords and Should I Cut Them?

What Is an Energetic Cord?

Have you ever felt your energy drained simply by being with another person? Or vice versa, have you ever felt enlivened in the presence of another person?

Energetically speaking, at the root of this exchange is the transfer of energy through energetic cords between two people. An energetic cord is a structure that connects you to another person, animal, place, situation, or past event. It allows you to feel a connection to whatever you cord. If you have a child or a pet, you may be able to know how they are doing without being next to them. It allows you to tap into someone else's energy and provides a feedback mechanism. Cords can also extend back in time to your ancestors. By clearing these negative cords, you can actually go back in time and heal intergenerational trauma! There are many types of cords; in this blog, I will focus on relational cords.

Energetic cords are one of several ways that we interact with each other through our energy fields. If you feel your energy being drained by someone, that person is sucking energy from your field. It is often an unconscious act wherein that person is trying to get a need met through this energy sucking. This cord would be considered unhealthy. If you feel enlivened by another person, then you are receiving energy from this person. If there is a balance between give and take in this interaction, then it is a healthy cord.

Cord dynamics are often more complex, however. There can be themes of manipulation, power, and control. The solar plexus (third) chakra is where I most often see cords enmeshed in an unhealthy way. I end up cleaning out a lot of the tangled or damaged cords.

If we have lost a loved one, whether through death or the end of a relationship, our heart chakra cords dangle out in front of us. There is a feeling of having lost an important part of yourself, like a limb. The work then becomes to honor the love that remains (grief requires time) and to re-cord to ourselves or others in a healthy way. Sometimes we cord to unhealthy things, like food, and we end up overeating to cope with the overwhelming amount of energy coming into the third chakra. In this case, we need to ground into the earth and ourselves so we no longer need to use external substances to help us cope. A wondrous thing happens when we ground: we come into the present moment, which invites in all healing and possibility.

How Do I Cut a Cord?

1. First, tune into your field to "see" where the negative cords are. Often they connect from chakra to chakra, i.e. from one person's third chakra to another person's third chakra. They can also connect to other places in the aura.

2. Second, set an intention that this cord-cutting is for the highest good of all. Cutting a cord does NOT mean you are cutting a person from your life. You are simply cutting the negative dynamic between the two of you.

3. Third, imagine holding a powerful golden sword of light. Use your sword to slice the cords. You can also ask the Archangel Michael to cut the cords for you with his sword.

4. Fourth, draw those cords that you cut back into the chakra or aura from whence they came and ground them down into the earth. Imagine the other person doing the same. Now there is space between the two of you. You should feel more clarity and a stronger sense of self.

What Are the Benefits of Cord Cutting?

The greatest benefit that comes from cutting cords is that you create more space for your Divine Self. When you clear negative cords, your energy is not being sucked or pre-occupied by something unhealthy. You could also cut cords to social media to help you clear your mind. Cutting cords is like cleaning a room—but in this case, you are creating more room and freedom for your Divine Self, and for Source to flow in. Then you will feel more joy and flow.

Please join me on November 11 for an online energy tune-up that focuses on clearing energy so you can allow more Grace to flow into your field. We will be cutting some negative cords during this tune-up! It will be held via Zoom. The cost is $20. You can learn more and register HERE.

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Karla Garrison
Karla Garrison
27 sept. 2021

Thanks for posting thhis

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