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Self-Confidence and the Third Chakra

A common request I receive from my clients is, “I’d like to have more self-confidence. How do I do that?”

This question immediately lets me know where to work in the energy body: the third chakra, or solar plexus chakra. This chakra lies between the navel and diaphragm. It is often depicted as a bright, glowing sun. A balanced third chakra radiates self-confidence, boundaries, strength, and personal power. On the flip side, an unbalanced third chakra manifests through symptoms of codependency, insecurity, sluggish digestion, lack of motivation, and fearfulness about being out in the world.

As young children, we internalize programming from our parents (or primary caregivers) that ring subconsciously throughout our lives:

  • I’m not worthy

  • I’m weak

  • I can’t make decisions for myself

  • It’s not okay to be me

  • I’m not capable

  • I need to rely on someone else

These subconscious beliefs take residence in what is called our wounded ego, whose job is to remind us of where we came from. The wounded ego lives at the front of the solar plexus chakra. It is the victimizer, the inner critic, or the monkey mind that stops us in our tracks when we feel an impulse to bring forth our intuitive impulses. It shouts at us, waving its hand, and says things like, “Stop! Who do you think you are? You’re not smart enough (or pretty enough, insert belief here) to do that!” The voice is so strong we stop. We don’t follow that Divine flow of energy we feel in our bodies to bring forth that creative impulse. We feel stuck and it’s awful.

Take heart. We also have a healthy ego. It is that part of us that succeeds and achieves our desires in the world. The soul’s whispers become audible declarations through the vehicle of a healthy ego. The healthy ego is an essential part of our humanity and is necessary for helping our soul manifest through this incarnation. The healthy ego lives at the center of the solar plexus chakra. It helps us bring our gifts out into the world.

The work then becomes to identify the negative beliefs held by the wounded ego. There are usually emotions involved, and we release them through conscious breathwork and intention. The healer holds space for this to happen and guides the client through the process.

The real magic comes in when we allow Source energy to come through the backside of our third chakra. Imagine a hand of Divine light at your back that says, “I’ve got you! You can do this!” It is encouragement coming from the highest place of love, to let you know how lovable and capable you are.

Confidence is feeling impulses from the Divine and acting upon them without the wounded ego holding you back. As you work to heal the wounded ego and follow these impulses from the Divine, you will begin to trust yourself more. Your solar plexus radiates powerfully and brightly like the sun as you confidently step out into the world with your gifts. You realize you are connected to a never-ending stream of Source energy and there is no limit to your creations.

If you would like to work on self-confidence through energy work, please book an in-person or online session with me:

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Have a lovely August, and many blessings to you,

Tuan Anh


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