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Clearing the Energy of Others with the Bubble Technique [Video]

Years ago I had a client (I'll call her Rachel) who came to me often filled with anxiety. She was taking care of her sick mother in addition to tending to her two young children and husband. Rachel spent her days running to and fro, worn thin with worry for her mother and not feeling like a good-enough mother or wife.

When I tuned into her field, I could see that she carried the energy of others to such a degree that it weighed her down and covered her own light. She couldn't feel her own impulses, inspiration, or joy.

With each successive session, her field became more and more clear. She started feeling her own energy again, and with that, more balanced perspectives for what would be healthy for her.

I taught her how to clear her field with "The Bubble Technique." We also worked on her negative belief: "I'm not worthy if I don't take care of others." This belief was what was causing her to lose herself in her exhausting quest of over-caretaking.

Many of us unconsciously take on the energy of others. In the case of Rachel, she was carrying people in her field because she believed that if she didn't care for them, she was not worthy.

Sometimes people also cling to our fields out of fear or desperation, because they believe we can help them. Those who are susceptible to people clinging to them often work in the helping professions. They are therapists, healers, doctors, nurses, etc.

Sometimes we inadvertently pick up the negative energies of others just by being around them. Ever have a conversation with someone and then leave, feeling icky? This is common for empaths, who have developed a hypervigilance to their surroundings at an early age to protect themselves in their chaotic environment. Even though they may no longer live in a chaotic environment, their antennae are so finely attuned to others' feelings that they lose their center.

Being able to ground, receive your own light (be really full of it in your aura), and establish boundaries is crucial for functioning with clarity and natural strength. It will greatly reduce anxiety and overwhelm. We are the greatest help to others when we are deeply connected to ourselves.

I hope you enjoy this 20-minute video. It includes a guided meditation on grounding and The Bubble Technique to clear your field.

If you would like to learn more how to manage your own energy field so you can function with calm and ease, please join me for my monthly energy healing tune-ups.

On February 10, I'll be teaching you how to balance and connect your chakras. We'll be working with the uplifting and deeply balancing qualities of Bergamot essential oil on acupoints. You don't need the oil to participate. You'll benefit from the hands-on work and imbibe the essence of Bergamot as we talk about it. All participants will receive a video recording of the class and acupoint charts.

To register for the virtual live class, click here.

February 10, 2021 at 12–1:30 p.m. Pacific

Via Zoom

Cost: $20


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