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How to Connect with the Spirit World

Today I saw my chiropractor Ken. I’ve seen him regularly over the past 16 years. I lay down on his familiar table and closed my eyes. Tears welled up as I felt my grandmother’s spirit descend into my chest through my heart chakra. How could I tell it was she? Easily—my chest felt warm and it felt like her! Below is a picture of her when she lived in Vietnam.

Her presence has been with me for several years. She died in June of 2008. I remember that year because my daughter Hayden was born three months earlier and I felt sad because they never met. My grandmother was like a mother to me. She made the most incredible Vietnamese food, was there when I got home from school, and watched as I took my first pedal on my bike without training wheels.

Ngo Thi Ba, my paternal grandmother

The tears were from feeling overwhelmed. There was too little time for all the things I wanted to accomplish. I had a very busy week and hadn't taken enough time to rest. (Yes, even healers--particularly healers!--have to remind themselves of self-care.)

As I lay on Ken's table, these worries floated away. Grandmother, or Ba Noi (Vietnamese for paternal grandmother), held me in her energetic embrace. She said, "Your energetic alignment is the most important thing. Focus on that during your daily life."

That’s what I focused on during the appointment: releasing tension in the parts of my body Ken adjusted. My occiput and atlas were out of whack. Ribs and lumber spine locked. As the blocks were unfurled and the energy started to flow, I felt magnificently myself again. What overwhelmed me floated away. What was front and center was a wellspring of alignment. And connection to my grandmother.

After teaching a yoga class one evening, a yoga student of mine came up to me and asked, “How can I connect to my mother? She died quickly from pancreatic cancer after six months. She wasn’t ready to go. I miss her so much.”

As he said this, I sensed his mother’s spirit trying to connect to his energy field through his abdomen. I shared this with him. To answer his question I said, “The first step to connecting with the spirit world is to ask.

Ask the spirits to show themselves to you.

They will appear. And when you are open, you will feel, hear, or see them.”

You won't be able to connect with them through your sadness or pain. We have to be on the same high vibratory wavelength as they are to feel them. So get happy! Find your alignment as best as you can. Make being in the flow your goal, and everything will fall in place. Then it will be easier to feel them. They want you to know they are with you.

They are bending backwards to communicate with you.

I see them as beings of light focusing their energy to get your attention. When you get up in the morning, or before you go to sleep, ask the spirits to show themselves to you. You'll be surprised in the ways they appear. Pay attention. It could be as simple as a song on the radio.

Once I was giving a client a healing and sensed her deceased father's presence in her field. He was telling her how much he loved her. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, came on the Pandora station that was playing. My client began to cry. This was the song her father walked her down the aisle to when she got married.

I get great messages from the spirit world from license plates! Look around you. What may appear as coincidence is planned synchronicity from from the other side.

How will you know it's them coming through? You will feel love, support, and joy. You'll know it as an intuitive certainty. Over time, you'll develop a greater capacity to receive their guidance. Once you connect with the spirit world, your life will feel supported every step of the way. You'll see yourself as a very important part of a web of love. With their guidance in your daily life, things will be a lot easier.

Stay tuned for my next blog post about my 104-year old grandfather (my Ba Noi's husband) who died last December. I connected with his spirit before he passed away, even though he lived in Boston and I in Portland, Oregon. He told me he was preparing to go many months before he died. As he was transitioning, I was able to communicate with his spirit and do long distance energy healing on him to help him with his passage to the spirit world.

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