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How to Trust the Sun Will Shine Again, Even When You Can't See It

As I stood in my driveway watching the Eclipse, I marveled at the rapid changes around me. In Portland, Oregon we were close to the path of totality, at 99 percent. As the moon traveled in front of the sun, day turned to dusk, the temperature dropped, and dogs began to bark. I ran in to put on a sweater.

When I came back out, I started to feel nauseous, and slightly dizzy. Wavy lines of light undulated around me, reflecting off the concrete driveway and garage door. I felt like a fish in a fishbowl, suspended in a strange time of shadow and light.

Through my eclipse glasses, the sun looked like an orange wedge waning and waxing as the moon spun in front of it. These celestial bodies had switched roles.

I marveled at the whole event throughout the day. In the evening, the nausea and dizziness came back. I tried to ground my hara line into the crystal center of the earth. I couldn't do it. The earth crystal was shifting. Your hara line is also known as your life purpose line. It's a column of light that runs through the center of your body, grounding you to the earth and to your own individual star. Its existence comes first, to create your chakra dimension, which eventually creates your physical body. It vibrates at a very high level. What I just said was a lot, and it's okay if you don't understand. Reach out to me if you'd like to learn more.

It was troubling at first not to be able to ground myself, but then I figured out a solution: remember a time when it was easy to ground, and hold that space. Thankfully, I could, and the nausea and dizziness went away. The earth is still shifting, and three days after the eclipse, I still have to use this imaginary space to ground. But I am tuning in, and it does not feel like I have to wait much longer before the shifting subsides.

Dear Ones, I wanted to tell you this today: Even if you are struggling through darkness in the challenges of your life, the sun will shine again. I held so much compassion for those suffering as I felt the darkness descend upon me during the eclipse, feeling no control over what was going on. My own internal compass was thrown off by the nausea and dizziness. But I trusted I would come back to myself, as that is what I practice daily through my breathing meditation.

Do you feel like you are grasping at straws, or gulping for air? It may be hard to feel the enormity of support and power from the spirit world around you. I assure you, it exists. Before I work on a client, I ask for their guides to come in and help. They do, in a big way. Usually it's just one or two, but the love I feel from them for the person I am working on is enormous.

The earth spins in its orbit, in perfect proximity to the sun, and we do not have to worry about it. You are completely supported by loving forces you may not even feel or understand. If you can just believe that on the other side of darkness there is light, you've begun your journey. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of relief from the pain so you can find your next opening for healing. I love clearing the blocks from a person's field. They often say, "Aaahh, I feel so much lighter." Blocks actually have auric weight.

What's even more powerful is repairing a chakra. It starts to function again and possibilities start to open up. For example, fixing a torn first chakra can affect the functioning of the adrenals, giving you more energy. And since the first chakra has to do with feeling safe on this earth, it can help someone feel like they really belong here. It's also a great way to change your finances too.

Take heart. You were created out of love by the Universe, which fully supports you. It invites you to open up to that support.

If you're curious about your guides, wonder what shape your chakras are in, or just need a little relief, I invite you to book a session with me.

With love and blessings,

Tuan Anh

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