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Soothed by Essential Oils

doTerra Essential Oils

About three years ago, my husband called me from work. "Honey, I'm not coming home tonight. I checked myself in at the hospital."

I stopped breathing for a moment. "Are you okay?"

He had just finished his shift as a surgical nurse and checked himself in the hospital through the emergency room.

"I've been having heart palpitations and I really don't feel well."

"What? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want to worry you."

Worry I did for those two days he remained in the hospital, and many more after that. After a battery of tests, he was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia, or a fast heartbeat due to abnormal electrical impulses. It was a kind of tachycardia that would require a piercing of one the heart chambers if he were to undergo a surgical procedure called an ablation. We definitely wanted to avoid that route.

Fortunately, he went on a medication that regulated his heartbeat. And even more fortunate was that he was able to wean himself off the medication, with his doctor's supervision, and has remained healthy since then.

Thank goodness for allopathic medicine and its ability to manage acute situations by addressing the symptoms. But the other side of the dance was dealing with the root cause of his tachycardia. If you met my husband, you'd see him as an energetic, loving, and fun person. With a very stressful job.

Stress. That's what we needed to reduce.

Enter essential oils. While I was freaking out internally about losing my beloved (and father of our two children), I happened to have attended a doTERRA essential oils workshop. (doTERRA, BTW, means "gift of the earth.") My naturopath friend, Laura, invited me. I asked her for some advice for my husband. She said I could start by rubbing lavender oil on the bottoms of his feet at night. I did just that, and those lovely floral notes wafted between us and calmed us both down. Lavender also contains about 30% linalool, a chemical compound also known as a monoterpenol, that has been the subject of many studies investigating its anti-anxiety effects.

This was the beginning of my journey into the benefits of essential oils. I particularly love using them for emotional balancing. doTerra has a blend called Balance that immediately grounds me and relieves stress. I love clearing the energy of a room by diffusing lemongrass and white fir. And frankincense? Oh my. Inhaling it gives me a sense of immediate alignment, like all the planets of our solar system just snapped back into their orbits after wobbling around a bit.

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, please let me know. I'd be happy to sit down with you and let you know which ones would be helpful for your particular need. I also have a doTERRA website where you can order essential oils, either as a retail or wholesale customer:

"But wait," you might ask, "didn't you do energy work on your husband?" You betcha. A lot of it. What I found underneath my hands was a heart chakra that wobbled, had some tears, and was congested. Poor darling. I fixed that baby up and now it's humming along.

I'm wishing you all love, healing, and infinite blessings. It's been an immensely difficult time lately, especially with the shooting in Las Vegas. Kissed your loved ones and tell them how much you love them. If you need some instant emotional relief, try diffusing lavender oil or doTERRA's Balance blend.

--Tuan Anh

P.S. Do you have a friend who is curious about energy healing but doesn't know how it can help? I'd like to extend a gift to them! My time is limited this month, but I do have room to give 10 free consultations. Please forward them this blog. If they are one of the first people to submit this application, and qualify, I will contact them to set it up.

P.P.S. Here's my sweetie with our son and daughter:

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