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A Message from the Guides During This Pandemic

Photo by Anton Atanasov

It has been quite a ride this past month with the arrival of the pandemic. I spent some time talking with my guides and wanted to share their message. May it offer you support and let you know that you are not alone. Guides and angels are always watching over us and wanting to help.

In this message, they would like us to know that we often think in terms of endings and beginnings and that can make us feel stuck. We are thinking that we would like this pandemic to end. We ask ourselves, when will this be over so I can get back to my normal life?

Here is what they said:

"We would like you to know that although in the physical realm, there are finite beginnings and endings, like the dishes need to be done and you start with one and eventually, the sink will be empty. That gives you a great feeling of satisfaction to accomplish what you set out to do.

However, with your normal life and routines on pause, you can not participate so much in your linear activities. This is forcing you to recognize what we call the eternal nature of your vast spirit. Can you think in terms of degrees of depth, rather than along a line that demarcates a beginning and an end?

Can you become aware of the depth of your presence and awareness of this very moment? Can you be aware of the depth of love you have for your existence and for those around you? There is no end to how much you can love. There is no end to creation, both on your personal physical level and on the level of the expansion of the universe.

While these events make you feel confined, you do in fact have infinite freedom of choice in how you choose to be in each moment. It is frustrating to find that your normal reflexive reactions to events will not bring you the desired result. That is, right now, there is nothing you can do to bring your life back to what it was.

So we encourage you to ask, “Where is my freedom today?” How can I be and what can I focus on that will make me feel free? For freedom is your basic nature. That is why so many of you are unhappy now. You feel that your freedom has been taken away.

How deeply can you love? The masters among you are able to love deeply and hold that vibration so strongly. They do not waver and they bring you right into that vibration.

Things will be easiest for those who surrender. We mean those who are able to let go of the self-identities that are not serving them.

The answer to everything is love. Can you love this moment? Can you find something about it to love? For if you can, you will feel your heart soften and expand. You actually need this expansion to feel good. Your souls are huge and they live in these little bodies.

Furthermore, stressors constrict your field. So you are able to connect even less to the energy that will support you. Breathe. Relax. Feel your field expanding. Then you will get the impulses to behave in ways that will bring you the results you want. And the results are joy and happiness. That is what we want as humans, joy and happiness. You already have it—if you can allow yourselves to feel it."

I'm holding space for you to experience how deeply you can love.


Tuan Anh


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