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How Grounding Can Help You

Art by Catherine Rose Hutchison—Connecting to the Earth and Source Aligns You with Clarity and Power

Sarah, as I will call her, came to see me because she could only sleep 4-5 hours a night, and felt anxious all the time. She had dark circles underneath her eyes and was really struggling to make it through the day, particularly with a demanding full-time job.

I looked at her field and could see frenetic energy vibrating in the upper body. The third and fourth chakras were processing way too much energy and she was having a very hard time finding her center. She was not grounded at all.

What is grounding? It is the act of connecting to the earth frequency and allowing this frequency to anchor your energetic system. Your soul came here with a very clear intention to experience this physical environment. "Earth school" is filled with beauty and challenges that will allow your soul to grow at a very fast pace, should you choose.

Sarah and I worked on grounding and feeling herself occupy her lower chakras. She marveled at her ability to feel the beautiful, supportive frequency of the earth. It had been a long time since she felt it. What got in the way was sexual trauma she had experienced in her early 20s. We worked on healing the trauma, by releasing it, and connecting her back to her higher self and Source so she could feel safe and whole again. As a result, her anxiety lessened dramatically, she was able to sleep, and have better boundaries with others. She could function in her job and move beyond meeting her basic needs towards self-actualization.

We can practice grounding, but some of us, because of trauma, cannot ground. Trauma that is related to the lower chakras—issues of safety, survival, abuse of any kind—causes the soul to rise higher in the body. The energy stays up there and circulates, causing headaches, migraines, and dizziness. Many can function well for a long time with this increased energy in the upper body, but it is an exhausting state to be in.

To ground, first breathe. Really take a deep breath and allow yourself time and space to breathe in this deep way. Breathing is very grounding. Then bring your attention to your hips and legs. Imagine they are a tree trunk, growing roots into the earth. Allow the roots to reach the center of the earth, where they encounter the earth crystal. The earth crystal vibrates at slow, steady frequency to nourish and support you. Allow this frequency to permeate your body. You will feel a shift in your field. If you could see it, it would be like the lower part of your field around your legs filled up and expanded. You will feel yourself slowing down, and fear will dissipate.

In my own personal experience, I was ungrounded for most of my life. Having escaped Vietnam by boat at age five and enduring several situations where I or my family could have died, my soul left my root chakra and rose higher into my body. On the boat, we ran out of water. We stayed at two refugee camps for a year, with wretched conditions. By Grace, we made it to America, where we settled in and started our new lives. This journey will be another story to tell at a later time.

When I started learning about energy healing, I experienced grounding by sending energy down into the earth. But that was only half of the equation. It wasn't until I was able to open my root chakra and ALLOW the beautiful frequency of the earth to permeate my body that I could fully heal and be present in my body. That has brought with it so many gifts!

If you are struggling with root chakra issues, like finances, poor health, anxiety, feeling like you don't belong here on earth, know that healing is possible. Your angels and guides are rooting for you!

I'd love to be your guide along the path. I offer in-session healings in Portland and Beaverton, as well as long-distance sessions. You can book a session at

Much love and many blessings,

Tuan Anh


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