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Intuition 101: What's Your Strongest Sense?

Have you ever walked into a room after people have had an argument and felt the tension was so thick that you could cut it with a knife?

How did you experience this tension? Did you feel it in your gut? See it? Hear messages about it?

If so, your intuition was helping you perceive without your physical senses. Your intuition is your soul speaking through your consciousness. There are several aspects of intuition, but the most common ones involve the "clairs": clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance. Each aspect directly corresponds to the chakras in your body.


Clairsentience means "clear feeling." It is our felt sense of knowing and is related to our first, second, and third chakras. Someone with strong clairsentience feels what others are feeling.

Empaths usually have strong clairsentience as they are able to feel others' emotions very easily. The second chakra is the seat of our emotions. It is the most delicate of all our chakras and holds our sweetness. The root chakra grounds us in our body, and the third chakra also intuits emotional temperature.

Clairsentience allows us to feel what is "underneath the table." It helps us to know the truth behind what is being presented "above the table." Someone may say, "I feel fine, I feel great," but your second chakra could be sensing the trauma or grief they are holding in their field, whether they themselves are conscious of it or not.


Clairaudience means "clear hearing." Those who are clairaudient hear messages in their mind's voice. The messages could be short phrases, or you may receive whole downloads. Clairaudience relates to the throat chakra. Specifically, the messages come in through the back of the throat chakra.

How do you know if what you are hearing is your own voice, or the voice of a guide or angel? Clairaudience often sounds like your own voice speaking to you, but it is from your Higher Self, which is connected to Source. If it is from another spirit, you often will hear that the phrasing is different from yours. It will be distinct, and you will realize it is something you would never say on your own. If you are channeling, the tone of your voice can change completely as the guides speak through you.

Those with strong clairaudience often have a lot pouring through them. Writing is a good way to keep this flow going and to strengthen the pathway of clairaudience. Singing is good too!


Clairvoyance means "clear seeing." Your third eye, or sixth chakra, allows you to see beyond the physical. You may be able to see energies around a person, animal, or plant. What you see could be whole events from the past, present, or future. The visions usually flash very quickly in your mind's eye. Sometimes upon meeting someone, you will get a vision about them, but it happens so quickly your mind discounts it.

In our highly technological society, the third eye can get clogged with too much screen time and news. It's important to energetically detox it in order for our intuitive seeing to be clear.


Claircognizance is a knowing that comes through your whole being. You know something, but you don't know how you know. You just know it and feel it in your bones. Claircognizance is particularly useful when meeting people for the first time. You can tell if they are a person of integrity and if they have good intentions or not.

Claircognizance is an instinct—it is like a light bulb turning on. It allows you to know immediately the right decision to make, or how to solve a problem when you haven't given it much thought.

Claircognizance comes often with a kinesthetic response, like chills in the body. The information starts to come through and people need to move, like go for a walk or a swim. The movement helps the energetic information to flow through the body.

All of the chakras are related to claircognizance. It is one's ability to be connected to Divine Grace through the chakras that allows one to receive this information. Imagine yourself falling back into a soft bed of light. This light is your source of wisdom. Once you embody this wisdom, claircognizance arises naturally.

Which of the Clairs is strongest for you?

You may identify with one or more of the clairs. Some of us have all four. My bet is if you have all four, at some point in your life you were very overwhelmed by all this information coming through you. To get out of the overwhelm, it is important to ground, to feel Self, and be connected to Source. It is possible to learn how to regulate our energetic bodies so we are grounded and connected.

We are all born with strong intuition. However, as we grow, we experience trauma and wounds that lodge within our energy body. These traumas and wounds act as a veil, or weigh down the chakras so they can not function properly.

Sometimes the traumas are lodged very deeply in our central channel. This channel houses your chakras from the base of the tailbone to your crown. Only you and the Divine should exist in there, but the wounds can be there too. The wounds are what prevent you from feeling your true Self. The work of this lifetime is to clear the wounds and experience our Divine light and live from that place of love, strength, and clarity.

If you would like to increase your intuition, the first place to start is to heal your wounds. Once the blocks are cleared, your intuition starts to arise naturally. It then becomes more easy to navigate life. Intuition is a very precious gift. It is something you can lovingly tend.

On Sunday, January 12, I will be teaching a workshop, Energy Healing for the New Year: Grounding, Clearing, and Aligning. It will be an opportunity for you to learn how to ground. We'll use essential oils to promote ease and flow, and do some self-healing with our hands. My hope is you leave with a connection to the Divine, and feel absolutely fabulous! You can come in person in Portland or email me at for a Zoom video-conference link. Cost is $20.

Radiant blessings and Happy New Year,

Tuan Anh


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